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Program A

Rumi Experience

Program B

The Other World

Program C

New York Mix

Program D

duoJalal Dances

Program E

duoJalal & piano trio



A project that centers around the work of 13th century poet and mystic Jalal a-din Rumi.  Coupled with spoken poetry of Rumi, duoJalal performs works by today’s leading composers including works commissioned for the project by Evan Ziporyn and Lev Zhurbin.  In the spirit of “sama”, a deep listening to music and poetry, the audience will experience the true spirit of Rumi.   

Zhao Jiping
Summer in the High Grassland
Percussion: Kanjira (small Indian tambourine) & shaker

Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin
Shadow & Light

Percussion: Kalimba, Dumbek, Tibetan Prayer Bowl, Pitchpipe
Evan Ziporyn
"New Commission" - Title TBA

Shirish Korde


Percussion: Udu

Somei Satoh

Birds in a Warped Time

Percussion: Vibraphone

Hafez Nazeri

Eternal Return

Percussion: Djembe, Udu, Daf, Cymbol



If any program sets duoJalal apart from other ensembles it is "The Other World".  Dedicated to various international cultures, “The Other World” is a fascinating aural and visual trip to Lebanon, Israel, Mongolia, Italy and South India.  This program features an impressive display of virtuosity, with Yousif’s world percussion expertise on the SouthIndian Kanjira, Peruvian Cajon, Moroccan Bendir, Irish Bodhran and Egyptian Tar, and Kathryn's unique ability to bend the viola to produce sounds akin to the Mongolian Horse Headed Fiddle, Klezmer Clarinet and Gypsy Violin. Whether the duo is chanting South Indian vocalizations, or paying tribute to Lebanese folk songs, "The Other World" offers its audiences an exceptional look at world music.


Yousif Sheronick
Jubb Jannin
Percussion: Bendir (Moroccan Frame Drum)
Zhao Jiping
Summer in the High Grassland
Percussion: Kanjira (small Indian tambourine) & shaker
Glen Velez
Homage for Frame Drums and Viola

(Commissioned by duoJalal in 2006)
I. Moderato   II. Anime;
Percussion: Tar Drum (small Frame Drum)

Enzo Rao
a different world
Percussion: Cajon (Peruvian Box Drum)
David Krakauer
Klezmer a la Bechet
Percussion: Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum)
Giovanni Sollima
Percussion: Cajon, Ocean Drum, Caxixi



“New York Mix” is a stunning testament to the vibrant multicultural fabric of New York City. Featuring music that both crosses the globe and bends genres, this program presents works commissioned and arranged for the duo by their New York based friends and colleagues Philip Glass, Derek Bermel, John Patitucci and Kenji Bunch. From Bermel's Thracian dance forms, to Bunch's exploration of rock and roll through the West African kora, Patitucci's mixing of Bach and Jazz, and Glass' signature, meditative minimalism - "New York Mix" presents our standard Classical, Rock, Middle Eastern and Jazz music in a whole new light.

Derek Bermel
Thracian Sketches (2003)
Percussion: Frame Drum and Dumbek
Kenji Bunch
Lost & Found (2010)
I. Lost in Time (Dumbek)
II. Found Objects (Djembe)
III. Lost in Space (Toys)
IV. Lost & Found (Cajon)
Philip Glass
Duo for Solo Viola & Percussion
Percussion: Frame Drums, Cymbals, Caxixi & toys
John Patitucci
Scenes for Viola and Percussion

(Commissioned by duoJalal in 2005)
Part 1: Tempo Rubato, Tempo Nouvo
Part 2: Tempo Moderato
Part 3: Rubato; Andante V Majestic
Percussion: Djembe, Ocean Drum, Cymbal, shakers, bells and various toys




In this wonderful collaboration between duoJalal and dancers featuring compositions by Vieuxtemps (1883) and Sollima (2003), the joy of musicians and dancers working together tickle the aural and visual senses.  The two duos with musician and dancer, redefines the duet form as musician and dancer intertwine on the dance floor and in the grand finale (Sollima), the four performers (duoJalal and the two dancers) takes the audience on both conceptually and physically rigorous wild ride and is sure to get the audience to its feet. 

               Henri Vieuxtemps

“Capriccio” for solo viola and solo female dancer

Yousif Sheronick

“Improv” for solo riq and solo male dancer

Giovanni Sollima
Lamentatio with two dancers
Percussion: Cajon, Ocean Drum, Caxixi




In this open ended program of possibilities between duoJalal and piano trio, the listener can enjoy traditional and newly composed works.   Perhaps the piano trio performs Dvorak or Brahms, and duoJalal performs any number of their specialized works?  Then comes the grand finale of all five musicians in the brand new work by composer Jack Stamps.  Written for duojalal and piano trio in 2010, "Strange Frenzy" is a work of reconciliation.  Of Eastern and Western cultures meeting. Stamps’ new piece channels one of his favorite works, Stravinsky's Agon—also a set of dances. Other elements in the composition include Middle Eastern scales and rhythmic patterns, the solo guitar work of Frank Zappa and lyric material from an early pop song written by Stamps, containing the words of the 13th c. Persian poet, Rumi.

Click here to watch an interview by Jack Stamps - composer

Jack Stamps

Strange Frenzy - The Dance of the Seven Veils

for Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano & Percussion

Photo: Premiere of work in San Antonio, TX for Musical Bridges